Business software

They are software applications for the desktop, web or mobile, that help to carry out tasks with great accuracy and speed.

Specialized +99 team since 2006 to provide services of individuals, companies and organizations profit and non-profit, and offers solutions and software ready-to-business and service sectors, commercial, industrial, and service development management software and accounting special customized, enjoy the benefits and potential are not available within the software available in Alostewaq, characterized by professionalism, simplicity and low Cost compared to customizable foreign software, and most importantly, speed of implementation, installation and training
We have specially developed software such as:
Zumurod Gold Accounting System Serves the wholesale, retail and manufacturing operations A clean system in the management and manufacture of fabrics (from receiving the customers order to shipping it)
Shiraa systems for logistics services such as international shipping, express mail, customs clearance, shipping agencies, providing international shipping services, Maaden system for trading and trading of precious metals via applications, and many software systems.